Heaven: Reading by the Pool

I am not trying to brag (okay maybe a little), but today I am heading for Las Vegas. This Book Buff is headed to the land of Sun and Sin. My friend and I are going to Vegas to see Phantom of the Opera. I am super excited to see the show and mark something off my bucket list. As exciting as see Phantom is, I can’t wait to plop myself down on a deck chair by the famous Mirage Pool and read a book.

Is there anything better that reading a book by the pool? Nope! Not for me! That is Book Buff heaven. I have my big floppy hat, my sunscreen (I burn), and a mountain of books. I have all I need to be happy. Now, I will be honest when I read by the pool or on the beach or even by the sprinkler outside with my two girls, I read fluff! I have a strict rule about pool reading. All pool reading should be fun, light, possibly steamy, something that only brings joy. Books that cause tears, make you really think, or have hard language to process are strictly prohibited from poolside reading.

The hardest part of traveling for me, is what books to take. I agonize over which books to take. How can I leave any of them behind? What if I need them? What favored friend has to be left on the bookcase at home. This part is always a little bittersweet to me. So I jammed my Kindle full and I am bringing a couple of my favorite books and I am ready to Rock & Roll in Vegas. If you are looking for fun, light, fluffy poolside, summertime reading here are a few of my favorite authors.

Nora Roberts– A little bit mystery, a little bit romance and just a touch of steamy

Meg Cabot– Fun, Fun, Fun!

Amanda Quick– Historical Romance to the hilt

Harlan Coben– He makes you think, but he writes and amazing mystery and I don’t leave home without him!

Steve Berry– Great Mysteries that are based on historical events. They are fast paced and I can’t stop turning the pages

See you later Book Buff friends, I will be back on Sunday. Happy Summer and I will leave you with this question: What is your favorite  fun, summertime, guilty pleasure, hanging by the pool book?





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8 responses to “Heaven: Reading by the Pool

  1. Deb Griffin Senko

    To QBB:

    Well here’s to you going to the City of Sun & Sin. I was there last October because It was our lay over between the Quad Cities and Yosemiti. I wanted to see the night life and just to experience it but to no avail it never happened. So here’s to you and your adventure. How many books can you read while seeing the sites? Have fun. Hope your next blog is on the Opera!!!

    Your friend
    Deb Senko


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